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Meet Staci

An experienced CEO and Leader, Staci brings a strategic and results focus with high emotional intelligence to her business and leadership development work.  A certified coach, she leads with questions to help clients achieve clarity, lead more effectively and achieve their goals.

Outside of work, Staci enjoys living in Dallas, her family, hiking, walking their three dogs and an occasional travel adventure.

Do you know the ROI of Leadership?

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What makes our approach to Leadership unique?

Leadership Development
by an Experienced CEO

Results Driven Approach
With Measurable Outcomes

Grounded In The Only Universal
Model of Leadership

I know the areas in which we focus and do well and the critical thing always, is to deploy subject matter experts. In our case, Staci’s experience brings to bear a tremendous force quickly and methodically. In retrospect, I wish we had engaged her much sooner.

Jeff Weiser

Chief Executive Officer,  Paygo

Leadership Breakthrough

  • Outstanding leaders achieve twice the profit of the average leader
  • Our work is with CEO’s and their teams to achieve breakthrough performance and outstanding business outcomes
  • We use a baseline leadership assessment and your organizational goals to customize a 6-month development program for your leadership team
  • Motivated leaders and teams have achieved 25% – 200% return on investment for their time and dollars invested 

Executive Coaching

  • Highly successful leaders use coaching to increase their effectiveness   
  • We bring a rare combination of Chief Executive experience and Leadership  development expertise to our coaching engagements
  • We leverage the Universal Model of Leadership and contract for outcomes
  • We are laser focused on behaviors and competencies that highly correlate with achieving better business outcomes

CEO Peer Advisory Group

  • CEO’s in our Peer Groups achieve 3 times the profit of the average US business
  • Members use the CEO Peer Group to work on their business instead of in their business
  • We leverage group meetings, expert speaker workshops and one on one coaching to help members make better decisions, achieve better results and become better leaders

Leadership Case Studies


Ryan Moore
Co-Founder and CEO, Capstone Dental

``When I started working with Staci our business was coming out of a tough time as we supported companies in oil and gas space. We needed to formulate our plan. Our time working together helped me to gain clarity on the issues and work at the root cause level.
Our business has improved significantly in the past 6 months and we are growing again at a very healthy rate. It’s really easy to feel isolated as the Chief Executive Officer and it has been invaluable to have a place to bring our challenges and work on them. ``
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    Danita Grill

    – Chief Executive Officer, Owens Machine and Tool

``Our company is growing 100% year over year and one of the big challenges we have had is how to continue to scale and get to the next level. I have had great advisors but I needed someone to help me to grow and also to spot when I needed to grow and I have found that in the work that I do with Staci.``
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    Stephanie Alsbrooks

    – Chief Executive Officer, defi SOLUTIONS


Vicki Hawarden
Chief Operating Officer, Excellence Squared

Lessons in Leadership

Three Questions You Must Answer Before Starting Your New Business

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Do you know the ROI of Leadership?

Download this whitepaper and find out how it could be affecting your bottom line.